I was born in Shrewsbury, England, in 1994. My childhood was filled with feisty female characters, and I loved anything spooky! 

At the age of thirteen I decided I was going to be an actress. At eighteen years old I got a place studying for a BA(Hons) in Acting but after the first year, I decided that a travelling actor's life was not for me.

I had always enjoyed writing stories but dismissed it as just a hobby, like most people. At this point I had come home and had found the Open University. It was perfect for me, and that is where my writing career began. Before I had received my First Class Honours degree, I had written my very first romance novel.

Since then, I have travelled around Europe, house sitting and writing along the way. Now I am studying for a Masters in Creative Writing whilst continuing with my own novels and short stories. My notebook is packed with potential plot lines and quirky character names. My computer is ready for the next words I am about to type. So, let the adventures begin!