2016 has been an odd and tragic year for many people around the world. I am lucky enough to have had a wonderful year. I finished my degree and graduated with a First. I self-published my debut novel and actually sold a few copies. I received some lovely reviews for that novel. I began my house sitting and travelling adventures, meeting some beautiful animals and wonderful people on the way. I have celebrated 3 years with my fantastic boyfriend. After some earlier health concerns, mine and Luke’s family are all well and healthy.

 So, what have I learned from this year?

  • A novel is achievable and sellable.
  • Be proud to call yourself an author. It takes persistence, grit and intelligence to write a book and publish it yourself, even if you do only sell 11 copies in the first month!
  • Distance really does make the heart grow fonder and stronger. Sometimes, you need to get away from people to appreciate them.
  • Distance also enables you to see who you need/want in your life and who you do not.
  • You are never going to please everybody. Those people should not matter.
  • Be happy just for the sake of health, safety and simplicity. Sitting on top of a Portuguese mountain eating a chicken and cheese sandwich, my heart felt all warm and fuzzy knowing I was with the man I love enjoying the sunshine and silence, whilst our families were all safe and healthy back at home. Perfect.
  • When burnt toast almost makes you cry, it’s time to do some yoga and chill.
  • Life’s too short to waste it. Strive for happiness.

What does 2017 have in store?

Well, my 5 month-long travels shall be ending some time in February. I have several writing projects in my head and on my computer, all in various stages of growth, and I am looking forward to knuckling down and concentrating on those. Although bank balances probably won’t let us undertake such a long adventure anytime soon, Luke and I would like to see more of our own beautiful UK, so watch out for more travelling stories and photographs.

Other than that, who knows?

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to my readers and followers. You all mean such a lot. Thank you for taking a chance on and believing in a young Indie author. I hope you have the most beautiful and peaceful Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year!

 Delphine xx

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