Once again, another house sit has ended for us. Wiltshire was simply beautiful. The houses were just as you would expect for the Cotswolds and the weather was unusually marvellous. 

We had the pleasure of looking after a 13 year old Jack Russel terrier who was partly blind and almost completely deaf! Our host was a lovely, classy lady who went away to visit her granddaughter in the South of France, leaving us to to mind her beloved dog and 16th Century cottage.

To write in detail about everything we did would take far too long. Instead, here's a list of where we visited and why we loved it. Maybe it will inspire you to go to Wiltshire on your next break. 

In the City of Bath

  • Just visit Bath - What a beautiful Georgian city! Especially great for any literary or history fans.
  • Start with a guided bus tour - This gets you familiar with the layout and also gives you recommendations about where to visit. Keep the booklet you are given as it contains discounts for certain places and also a discount on your next bus tour anywhere in the world.
  • Fashion Museum - read my other blog for why I adored this place.
  • Roman Baths - It's a bit pricey and packed with tourists, but it's surely a must when you visit this city. Check for any discounts you can get (we got one with the Caravan Club) and go out of season. 
  • Jane Austen Centre - A must for any fans.
  • Pretend you are an 18th Century aristocrat and parade beside the Royal Crescent and in the park adjoining it, just ignore the cars!
  • Enjoy the city's night life - We didn't manage to do this but we'd love to return and go glam for the evening.
  • Furniture shopping - Not that I was doing any of this, but when I do get a house of my own I am definitely returning! Stunning furniture galore! 

In Wiltshire

  • Longleat Safari Park - A bit expensive for a one-day activity, but if you have never visited before, go! Great for adults and kids. Tip: pre-book for big savings!
  • Stonehenge - If you've never been, you probably should. It's a complete tourist trap BUT it is a World Heritage site and quite stunning. Best for English Heritage or National Trust members who get in free. 
  • Lacock Village and Abbey (National Trust for some parts) - Anybody who is a fan of British period drama should go. Loads of stuff has been filmed there, from Harry Potter to Cranford. Very, very pretty and historic.
  • Play eye spy and look out for White Horses.
  • Stourhead Gardens National Trust - This place was on our list but we ran out of time. It looks absolutely stunning. Dogs allowed in after 4pm in Summer and 3pm in Winter. 

This week has also been one of the best for culinary delights. We have never had a bad meal out. Here's some of the places we loved.


As you can tell, we were sad to leave.

Next stop, Le Mans. 

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