It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were still on our travels in Portugal. So much has happened this year!

In January and February 2017 we finished off our six-month-long travels and visited Portugal, Spain, Barcelona, Carcassonne, Paris, the white cliffs of Dover, the Isle of Arran and Northumberland. After only one week of being back home, Luke started his new job and a week after that we collected our rescue puppy, Pepper.

The spring months were spent puppy training, writing, and coming to terms with real life again after so long on the road. And then, in June, we began house-hunting!

It’s fair to say that from June to November my life was one of house related stress. Nevertheless, during that time, I finished the first draft of Floreat, sent it off to my editor, started a Masters in Creative Writing with the Open University, had a couple of nice weeks away, and finally, on November the seventeenth, Luke and I got the keys to our very first home together. Phew!

This year has seen moments of great love and surprise. Two of my friends have got engaged. Another has moved house. My dad turned sixty and my parents celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. My cousin is expecting her first child. I chopped 12 inches of my hair off to donate to charity. I started volunteering and took up Pole Dancing as a fitness hobby. Pepper has proven stressful at times, but she really is like my own little baby and I can’t imagine life without her now. Yet, there has also been sadness and loss. My grandmother died in November, and an end of an era was marked by her passing. There has been other family loss and illness as well.

A year contains so much.

So, where will be in January 2019? Who knows! But, for now, the plan is to get on with the Masters, complete Floreat and send it to agents, start book number three, and just generally appreciate life. I sometimes struggle with living in the moment; I’m always fretting over the past or contemplating what might be. So, my only real “resolution” is to just enjoy the now and worry a bit less!

Oh, and I’m going veggie for January!

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