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Thy drugs are quick: research

"O true apothecary, Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die." Poisons and potions in my latest research. 

Book Inspiration: Bugs and Priest Holes

The inspiration for my free historical novella, The Last Flight of the Ladybird.

2019 – what a year!

This year has truly flown by for me. It has been a whirlwind of wedding planning, writing, publishing, and engaging with my readers. 

Squalid Slums and Stately Homes: Inspiration for The Button Maker

Slums, stately homes, and nursery rhymes: inspiration for my third novel.

A murder case and an old bird: Inspiration for The Promise Keeper

Whilst reading Bedside Book of Murder: fifty chilling stories – all true, I found inspiration for The Promise Keeper. The story was called The Horror of the Stauntons, and truly, it was horrific.

A Victorian Butcher's Shop

What was it like to be a butcher in the 1800s?


The Glenside Hospital Museum shows us what life was really like in a Victorian Asylum.


Why, as a writer, I love The Old Bailey Online.

Historical fiction course with Manda Scott and Robert Wilton

My week in the Shropshire hills with fellow writers was simply sublime. 

Don't forget to claim your free books - The Butcher's Wife, The Last Flight of the Ladybird & Persephone's Melody.

Free books

Tales of deceit and revenge!